Complete 10 DVD Set

Complete 10 DVD Set

The complete Natural Foundation Program is a 10 DVD set with over 18 hours of instruction. It is an in-depth, step-by-step series designed to show you hands on techniques that will allow you to further your connection with your horse. Using many different horses in many different scenarios, Jonathan gives you as many different learning opportunities as possible. The goal is for you to be able to go out and apply all that you’ve learned in a practical hands-on way.

A Natural Foundation: The Complete 10 DVD Set A Natural Foundation of Horsemanship for English, Western, and Recreational Riders Where connection, relaxation, flexibility, and softness are the cornerstones. “The stronger the desire to explore your horse’s mind, the stronger your connection will be.” ~Jonathan Field

GROUND: DVD 1 Becoming the Leader Your Horse Needs You to Be, DVD 2 Clear Communication: The Cornerstone of Your Relationship DVD 3 Developing a Great Riding Horse From the Ground DVD 4 Long Lining: A Great Way to Further Your Connection DVD 5 Challenge, Purpose, and Fun!

RIDING: DVD 1 Safety: The First Step to a Great Ride DVD 2 Becoming a Great Rider DVD 3 Lead Changes Made Easy DVD 4 Advance Your Riding Through Feel, Flexion, and Shape DVD 5 Test Your Teaching: Challenge, Purpose, and Fun! Estimated running time: 18 hrs