Liberty Series 8 DVD Set

Horses are born with the ability to read subtle body language and react from intent. When developing a relationship at Liberty with a horse, we need to show them that we know know Liberty too!

Join Jonathan and seven different horses while he takes you through multiple real time sessions, teaching you the skills you need to be able to take the ropes off and be excellent at Liberty. Jonathan’s main partner in this series is Jack - a six year old Quarterhorse gelding with very little ground work experience. Over multiple lessons with Jack, Jonathan brings him through his program and well on his way to becoming a great Liberty horse. Holding nothing back, Jonathan teaches you his simple step-by-step program in his typical candid and easy to understand manner. 

- Develop a true connection without ropes and achieve a greater understanding of horse psychology and behavior

- Learn essential on-line, pre-liberty plans that get you and your horse ready to stay connected in larger areas, with more speed, and with common distractions

- Learn when to ask for more and when to take what you’ve got  

- De-mystify the Round Pen and learn how to use it effectively

- Become CONFIDENT because you’ll have the steps to make real progress

- See common mistakes people make and learn how to avoid them

- Create more draw and learn to flow in a natural dance with your horse