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The Jonathan Field Freemotion Saddle


The Jonathan Field Freemotion Saddle has evolved over eight years and more than 40 prototypes with input and ideas from three saddle makers and five tree makers. Jonathan and dozens of other riders have tested various tree angles and seat and stirrup arrangements in the development of the saddle. As a result, Jonathan's vision has become reality in this top quality, hand made, professional grade performance saddle that provides comfort and freedom of movement for both horse and rider.

For more information or to purchase your Freemotion Saddle, please call 1-888-533-4353 or email info@jonathanfield.net

“Thank you so much for providing an amazing quality product! My new black saddle is everything I hoped it would be, and more!”

    — Janny Freeze, Millarville, AB

"I was also so happy to see that you have created a western saddle that allows the back and shoulders correct and full mobility.  Until now, all of the western saddles I have come across are not so great for the horses and do not afford the "freedom" necessary for health and optimal performance.  So happy that you did this and took the time and research to make it realized."

— Nathalie Doormalen, Yelm, WA

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The Freemotion Saddle's tree is made of wood with a fiberglass covering. Designed with wide-angle, full Quarter Horse bars, the saddle has a flare at the front of the tree to allow for freedom of movement in the shoulder but still remain strong enough for roping.  The contour in the tree gives a more consistent Ground Seat shape to every saddle.  The tree also features a recessed area on both top and bottom for the stirrups, allowing for closer contact and preventing pressure on your horse from the stirrup leathers.


The slick-forked pommel has been raised and shaved out to allow ample clearance for the narrow, high-withered horse.


The seat determines the rider's comfort level. The Freemotion seat has been designed to put the rider on a comfortable balance point while maintaining a close contact between rider and horse. The seat has also been built up in order to create a narrower seat for the rider, so you won't feel spread out over the wide tree.

  Martin Saddlery Adjustable Rigging


Our latest addition is the patented, in-skirt, Adjustable Rigging by Martin Saddlery. This fantastic innovation allows you to quickly set your saddle where you want it and adjust your cinch to Extra Full, Full Forward, Full or 7/8. These adjustments allow the cinch to sit in each horse's natural girth groove while keeping your saddle in the correct placement on the horse's back.

  Twisted Stirrups


All stirrups on the Freemotion Saddle are pre-twisted and set to allow for rider comfort. The stirrups sit slightly forward, like a performance reining saddle, so when your horse jumps, ducks, slides or spins you are able to keep proper body position. For the more classical equitation, like what Jonathan uses in his shows, the stirrups will freely move directly underneath you to allow for easy alignment of your shoulders, hips and heels.


The Freemotion Saddle weighs 31 pounds. In building the saddle, our goal was to keep it as light as possible without sacrificing strength or quality. The skirt has been cut away and rounded in order to keep the saddle light while also staying out of the way of your horse's hips.  

  Additional Features


Rear Cinch

High, Martingale-style Breast Collar Ds and Crupper Ring

Mule Hide Horn Wrap

Latigo and Cinch Carriers

Herman Oak Leather with Craftsman Stitching

Six Strings  and Rosettes

Stainless Steel Hardware


The Freemotion Saddle tree comes in one size. While no tree can be designed to fit every horse, this tree is designed to fit a large range of horses. The wide tree that allows for lots of shoulder movement and the short, rounder skirts will fit well for the short-backed, broad-shouldered horse. With a little extra padding the high clearance in the gullet will also fit the narrower, high-withered horse. The very wide, mutton-withered horse is the hardest horse to fit and the Freemotion Saddle will fit that horse only moderately well.

Seat sizes are available in 15.5", 16.5" and 17.5", with stirrup lengths in regular and long.

Prices start at $3,199.00 for a chestnut saddle and $3,399.00 for a black saddle. Special carving, conchos and matching accessories are available upon request. Please email us at info@jonathanfield.net

Return Policy
We offer a 7 day return policy for the Freemotion saddle. You have 7 days to try the saddle and if it doesn't fit you or your horse you can send it back (must be in new condition) for a refund. Shipping not included.

The Jonathan Field Freemotion Saddle features a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on the tree and a ten year warranty on workmanship.