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Jonathan Field can help you with a horsemanship and training program that's woven with clear, easy-to-follow steps, natural training methods, and fun! Whether you start with an inclusive DVD home study program, as a spectator, or as a participant in an extraordinary hands-on clinic, Jonathan is here to guide you in your journey to success with horses .

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Young Horses – Teaching them to learn -
I love when I get the chance to run in to a horseman that has raised and trained young horses for a lifetime. I was at the Saskatchewan Equine Expo this past February and there were horses brought in for … Continue reading
Behind the scenes with Jonathan Field and Friends -
Hello Everyone, ‘ Andrea here – letting you in on some of the preparatory action that’s already in motion for Jonathan Field and Friends this September. ‘ Some of you may remember me, as I worked for Jonathan and Angie … Continue reading
Jonathan Field Receives Top Honours at the 2014 Road to the Horse International. -
An exciting update from the Road to the Horse International! After 3 amazing days of demos and colt starting in Kentucky, Jonathan received the Jack Brainard Best Horseman Award! We are so proud of this prestigious award that was presented … Continue reading
Getting ready for Road to the Horse! -
  People often ask me “What is the biggest challenge with Road to the Horse?”   This is what I find it to be: This is an event that you prepare and plan for a solid year. It’s on your … Continue reading
Grass: Are you the Leader? Or is the Grass? -
Each year, during our camps at the James Creek Ranch, a consistent question comes up during our lessons out in the pastures. With all that beautiful, lush grass, it can be difficult to keep our horses attention on us and … Continue reading


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